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Telling stories.
New technologies and city narrative

S. Follesa

3rd International Conference on Environmental Design, Marsala - Sicily, 3-4 October 2019 (Palermo University Press)

Each city has its own art, its architecture, its history, and eachone of these “fragments of diversity” contributes to the creation of its own identity. Through the names of the streets, the monuments, the nameplates, the frescoes, the writing on the walls, cities tell their stories to the inhabitants and travelers. The cities are layers of storytellings that each historical phase returns in a different way: the squares, the alleys, the streets talk us of those who have lived there creating interactions that determine our adhesion to the places. In the city, the storytelling becomes a project, a project that combines functions and knowledge with the aim of restore meaning and role to spaces. The narrative project is one of the components of a new vision of smart city.

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