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The phenomena and trends that enrich our urban spaces in the sense of identity and belonging are many: from classical to more contemporary art, products, sounds, which are things that take their place in the squares, on the corners, and in undeveloped spaces. 
The spaces that become places that welcome people offer a service, and a function. The Outdoor Interior Design, or graphic forms, express only an idea, a concept of "urban decoration" that use the walls and the facades of the houses and buildings like real oversized canvases: Street Art. The surrounding sounds break the silence and the daily routine of passers- by which breathe new life into these areas of the city bringing everything into harmony. 

For Andy Warhol, art, music, and design act as vehicles to educate the general public. usually distracted and indifferent, in the alleys and streets of the city without visiting museums, auditoriums, and art galleries. 
The open-air space of the city and the contours that delimit it play a fundamental role in the realization of the "cultural stratification" and the "identity of a community". It is important to preserve them in order to communicate the life lived in that place. The open spaces between buildings, streets, sidewalks, squares, building facades. make up the character and identity of the entire urban landscape. Often there are only labyrinth of empty urban spaces where it is difficult to orient oneself and to build trust among the people who live there. If community contact is absent, everyone feels like strangers, and those who don't live in these places have no reason to go there. 

Targeted interventions activate the right energy to give new life to spaces dedicated to outdoor encounters. The Urban Acupuncture, by Marco Casagrande, can be the leitmotiv of future interventions where design and art can find the common ground to allow people to regain possession of the cities.

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