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An analysis of the international cooperation and development model of Design Education in the context of the Belt and Road Initiatives

S. Follesa


How to enable Chinese design education development keep pace with the rapid economic development with the help of international cooperation was explored in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative.
Taking the furniture industry as an example, the opportunities and challenges
facing the development of China’s furniture industry and the new talent demand brought by changes in the industry were analyzed. A new model to promote the development of international cooperation in design education was proposed by taking the Sino‑Italian exchange project as an example.
It is necessary to train targeted talents in design education according to industry development trends and needs. The new model of international industrial cooperation will help to deepen design education and improve its practicality. Chinas design education should adopt an integrated education ecosystem of “Industry‑Academia‑Research‑Application”in international cooperation and utilize design education to drive the continuous upgrading of the industry.

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