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Social Balances in the Design Space

F. Armato, S. Follesa


A socio-territorial balance settles and develops through the diversity of ingredients that participate in new forms of sociality: new ways of living and expressing everyday life: new technologies conceived with alternative mobilities, new systems of aggregation and shared participations, just to make some examples: car-sharing, co-working, social-spaces, ..., places of sharing, physical or virtual, social media online, or other places where people meet to satisfy their needs and exigencies. The project must have a complete vision, in order to clarify the various scenarios that arise from time to time, continuous interaction between things, people, and space, in order to address and solve problems, such as health, education, poverty, and climate change. The local daily principle of sustainability and self-sustainability, each territory must find its identity dimension in its own historical and cultural stratification, a dimension which for Alberto Magnaghi is based on indissociable fundamental principles: cultural, social, economic, geographical and ecological. The new solutions must be less impactful and with greater attention to the social reality: localized, intercultural, flexible, innovative and participatory, only this way it is possible to obtain a strategic design that focuses on an integrated whole: products, services and communication.

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