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Welfare in the city: the importance of urban furniture city revitalization

F. Armato, L. Petrini


The city is a concoction of energy, creativity and experimentation.. and in this panorama design stands as the discipline most suited to reading and writing of the contemporary multiverse city, giving a significant contribution to the project of urban public space.
The space between the sidewalk and the street could be a place to install customized Industrial Design products which could carry out a noble practice for man: a place for meeting and sharing.
Objects and installations that arouse emotions, seek integration and chase decompositions, aiming at the overall vision of a unique and distinctive urban layout.
Minimal small-scale interventions that scattered throughout the entire urban area, through a rational logic, can become energetic nuclei, enter that right portion of positivity in the neighborhood and in the people who daily inhabit urban space.

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